Removes both Germs and Dirt

Effective against oils and fats (animal, botanical, mineral, grease trap dirt), protein (blood, grime), mycelium (mold), bacteria, etc.

Product Safety

Reno Green includes the sap of 38 kinds of trees, and its surfactant is 100%, natural fatty acid, So, it is gentle to your hands. Reno Green does not contain any hazardous substances or oil system surfactants.

Desired Safety

Reno Green has less impact on the environment, nature and people, but has degerming and cleaning effects. It is the best degerming detergent for safely maintaining a clean environment.

Reno Green has Multiple Uses

Reno Green is used in medical and nursing care, the food industry, and the building-maintenance industry. Reno Green is suitable for many things that people encounter in their daily lives, such as tableware, kitchen equipment and appliances, public doors, etc. It is also suitable for degerming toilets, glass and floors. And it is odorless.

Example of Usage

Reno Green can be used in a state of 100x dilution (for medical apparatus, etc.) to 1,000x dilution (glass cleaning, etc.), depending on the surface cleaned and the device used for cleaning. It can be sprayed or brushed on, used with sponges and then rinsed or wiped with cloth. Medical apparatus and cleaning equipment can be soaked in the detergent and rinsed.


Reno Green contains the following ingredients: carbonate, percarbonate, organic chelating acid, gluconate, botanical extract, natural fatty acid, (non ion system surfactant)

Precautions for Use

  • Do not use on materials which may discolor and peel such as aluminum, bronze, silver, pearl, coral and silk.
  • Coated and sprayed surfaces rarely peel off. Before using, please confirm that peeling will not occur.
  • Not suitable for silk, wool and animal fiber products.
  • Do not use for contact lenses.
  • Do not use with chlorinated detergent.

Test Results

Test Results

Note that the following are not contained in Reno Green: Surfactant ABS/LAS/AOS, glycol, methyl, ketones, acrylics, sodium metasilicate, phosphates, silicon, acetone, volatile organic compounds, etc.

Skeleton Preparation with RENO GREEN

These distinctive properties of Reno Green attracted whale researchers, leading to Reno Green' s experimental usage for skeleton preparation in spring 2012. As a result, protein and oil (liquid) were removed almost completely, showing that Reno Green is useful for high-quality skeleton preparation. Thereafter, we heard from our Reno Green users that treatment with bleaches such as hydrogen peroxide solution and enzyme were not necessary when using Reno Green. Moreover, drainage water containing Reno Green was deemed to have less impact on the environment, with no damage to septic tanks and less dirt in drainage pipes.

Skeleton Preparation with RENO GREEN